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Why Choose Ceramic Dental Implants?

Ceramic dental implants, specifically made from zirconia, have become the preferred choice for tooth replacement. They offer a lifetime durability, preserve the jawbone, and provide a natural look and function.

Explore the benefits of ceramic dental implants to determine if they are right for you.

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About Ceramic Dental Implants

Ceramic vs Titanium: Making the Right Implant Choice

• Enhanced Biocompatibility: Ceramic boasts superior biocompatibility, reducing the risk of inflammation or allergic reactions often associated with Titanium.

• Aesthetic Excellence: Choose aesthetics without compromise. Ceramic's tooth-colored material seamlessly blends with natural teeth, ensuring a visually pleasing result.

• Thermal Comfort: Experience optimal comfort with Ceramic's low thermal conductivity, minimizing temperature sensitivity during daily activities.

• Corrosion-Resistant Durability: Bid farewell to corrosion worries. Ceramic implants exhibit robust resistance to corrosion, promising enduring performance.

• Osseointegration Excellence: Zirconia's surface promotes optimal osseointegration, contributing to the long-term success and stability of dental implants.

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Health Concerns with Titanium Implants

Are you concerned you may have metal allergies or metal hypersensitivity? The incidence of hypersensitivity to metals, once estimated in less than 1% of the population, recently has increased to be between 10% and 15%, higher in women than in men.

Unlike ceramic implants, which are made from metal-free zirconia, metal dental implants are made from titanium, aluminum, nickel and other metal and alloy materials. And unfortunately, these metals can corrode in your mouth over time leading to some devastating outcomes for your overall systemic health. Medical concern for the use of titanium dental implants is a valid one that should not be overlooked.

Click below to learn more about metal hypersensitivity and about the symptoms that can range from simple skin rashes to severe and chronic autoimmune disorders.

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