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Dr. Georgios Romanos, DDS, PhD | Ceramic Dental Implant Dentist In Stony Brook, NY

Meet your exclusive Stony Brook-based
ceramic implant expert

Dr. Georgios Romanos, DDS, PhD

Georgios Romanos, DDS, PhD, Prof Dr med dent 


Director of LASER Education, Laser Safety Officer (CMLSO) 

Department of Periodontics and Endodontics


University of Athens, Greece (1987)

Advanced Training:

Periodontology, FU Berlin, Germany, 1987-1990 (Certificate)

Prosthodontics, Albert Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany, 1990-1993 (Certificate)

Oral Surgery, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany, 1993-1996 (Certificate)

Dr. med. dent. (PhD, equivalent) Dentistry - Connective Tissue Research (Magna Cum Laude) | FU Berlin, Germany, 1990

Dr. habil. Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany, 2003

Periodontology, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Univ. Rochester, NY, 2007-2010 (Certificate)

Advanced Education in General Dentistry Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 2007-2011 (Certificate)

Advanced Training in Laser Dentistry and Laser Safety Academy of Laser Dentistry Univ. of Aachen and Kaiserslautern (Germany), Medical Laser Safety Officer Training by the Laser Institute of America (LIA) and Board of Laser Safety (BLS)

Board Certification:

Oral Surgery (Germany)

Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology


Limited to Periodontology, Implant and Laser Dentistry

Research Interests:

Immediate loading of dental implants, laser dentistry, peri-implantitis therapy, bone regeneration, wound healing, titanium nanoparticles


American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute

American Association for Dental Research (AADR)

Academy of Osseointegration (AO)

International College of Dentists (ICD)

American College of Dentists (ACD)

Great of New York Academy of Prosthodontists

ITI Foundation

International College of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

Pierre Fauchard Academy

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Academic Positions:

Professor of Periodontology (tenured), Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Director of Laser Education and Laser Safety Officer

Professor (Prof Dr med dent), Univ. of Frankfurt, Dental School, Germany

Adjunct Professor, Univ. of Rochester, Eastman Institute of Oral Health, Rochester, NY

Former Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (2012-2014)

Former Director of the Unit of Laser Dentistry, Univ. of Rochester (2007-2012)

Former Professor of Clinical Dentistry, Div. Periodontology and General Dentistry, Univ. of Rochester (2007-2012)

Former Professor, Dept. of Periodontology/Implant Dentistry, New York University, Director of Laser Sciences at the NYUCD, NY (2004-2007)

Former Director of the Postgraduate Program of Oral Surgery/Implant Dentistry at the Univ. of Frankfurt, Dental School, Germany (1998-2004)

Former Director of Undergraduate Prosthodontics at the Dept. of Prosthodontics, Univ. Freiburg, Germany (1992-1993)


Distinguished Scientist Award, American Academy of Periodontology, 2020

T.H. Maiman Research Award 2016 for Excellence in Dental Laser Research

Hellenic Society Clinical Stomatology (Honorary Member)

Honorary President of the Hellenic Society for Oral Laser Applications, Greece

Honorary Member of the Spanish Society of Lasers in Dentistry (SELO)

Honorary Director, International Clinical Dental Research Organization (ICDRO), India

Faculty of the Years 2001, 2002, 2003, Univ. Frankfurt, Dental School, Frankfurt, Germany

Various oral and poster presentation awards

Gold medal research award, Inter. Exhibition of Inventions

Geneva Gold medal award: Malaysia-Ministry of Science, Science and Technology (Ministry of Science) 


President of the Academy of Osseointegration Foundation (2018-2019)

Committee member, American Academy of Periodontology

President of the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) Implantology Research Group (2019-2020)

Committee member, American Association of Dental Research (AADR)

Chair of the Science and Research Committee Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) (2017-2018)

President of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR): Long Island Chapter (2013 – 2015)

World Federation of Laser Dentistry (WFLD), Chairman of North American Division (2010 – 2014)

Board member, International Society for Lasers in Dentistry (ISLD)

Board member, German Society for Lasers in Dentistry

Editorial Boards:

International Journal of Oral Science, Journal of Periodontology, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Int. Journal of Oral Implantology, Odontology, Laser Therapy, International Journal of Dentistry, Materials, Compendium, BMC Oral Health, J of Osseointegration, Implantologie (German)

Recent Publications:

View Publications

Author of the following books:

Romanos, G.E. Saving Dental Implants. Wiley Publ. Hoboken, 2023 (in press).

Romanos, G.E. Advanced Laser Surgery in Dentistry. Wiley Publ. Hoboken, 2021.

Romanos, G.E. Light Therapy in Dentistry: Efficacy, Uses and Limitations. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2021.

Javed, F., Romanos, G.E. Evidence-based Implant Dentistry and Systemic Conditions. Wiley, Hoboken, 2018.

Romanos, G.E. Advanced Immediate Loading. Quintessence Publ., Chicago, pp. 180, 2012 (English and Italian edition).

Bezera-Barbosa, F.J., Romanos, G. (eds.) Excelencia Clinica em Implantodontia. Quintessence Publ. Sao Paulo, pp.352, 2013 (Portuguese).

Romanos, G.E. Immediate loading in the posterior area of the mandible. Animal and clinical studies. Quintessence Publ., Berlin pp.140, 2005 (English and German edition).

Romanos, G.E. Atlas der chirurgischen Laserzahnheilkunde. Urban und Fischer Publ., Munich, pp. 218, 1999 (German).

Guest Editor PERIODONTOLOGY 2000 (2019) for volume No. 81, with the title: “Risks and their Prevention in Implant Therapy”.

Language(s) spoken:

English, German, Greek

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Z-Systems Ceramic Implants
Exclusively in Stony Brook from Dr. Georgios Romanos, DDS, PhD

The Only FDA Approved 100 % Metal Free Implants, Superior to Titanium Implants in Many Areas:

More natural.

Bones and gums integrate better with zirconium oxide ceramics.


Z-SYSTEMS implants are metal-free, biocompatible, conduct neither heat nor electrical energy, and cause no irritation to the immune system.

More sustainable.

Less plaque accretion than on titanium. This reduces the risk of perimplantitis as well as cardiovascular diseases and strokes.


Ceramic is much stronger than titanium.

More aesthetic.

Thanks to the white material, no gray shadows are visible even with thin or receding gums.

More visible.

Ceramic implants are opaque to X-rays, and easier to recognize in critical situations.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Ceramic Dental Implant Screw Diagram

The implant body or post is the portion of the implant that is inserted into the jawbone. The implant body integrates with the jawbone and becomes the anchor for the new tooth.

Ceramic Dental Implant Abutment Diagram

The implant abutment is the portion of the dental implant inside the crown. Sometimes the abutment is created with the implant body as one piece. Other times, it is separate and attached to the implant with a screw. The abutment shapes the gum tissue and supports the crown.

Ceramic Dental Implant Crown Diagram

The dental implant crown is the portion of the dental implant you see, but if done correctly, no one can tell it is not a natural tooth. The crown is bonded or cemented to the implant abutment and is commonly made of a ceramic or zirconia material because of its naturally white color and strength.

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