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The Only 100% Ceramic Solution

FDA Certified Ceramic Implants

In 2007, Z-SYSTEMS was one of the first ceramic dental implant solutions to go through an extensive process and receive FDA certification.

Not only did Z-SYSTEMS have the original FDA approved two piece ceramic implant, but we continue to be the leader in innovation in the ceramic implant market and will continue to create products that improve the lives of patients.

Only 100% Ceramic Implant Solution

The Only 100% Ceramic Screw Retained Implant System.   While other companies offer a “ceramic solution," they often leave out the fact that parts of their implant and surgical tools contain metal.

Z-SYSTEMS is the only ceramic dental implant company to provide a 100% metal-free solution, including every implant and surgical tool. All ceramic, so you can live healthy, beautifully!

Swiss-Precision Manufacturing

Switzerland is known for unsurpassed manufacturing precision and the highest quality manufacturing of medical devices. All Z-SYSTEMS products are primarily Swiss manufactured.

We believe patients and doctors deserve only the highest quality product. If you want the best dental implant, choose Z-SYSTEMS.

The Most Complete Ceramic Implant System

The most dynamic ceramic dental implant system on the market.  Solutions for any clinical indication.

Z5BL – The Only Bone-Level 100% ceramic, two-piece, screw-retained implant abutment

Z5-TL - The only tissue-level 100% ceramic, two-piece, screw-retained implant-abutment connection

Z5c - Two-piece glued and self-tapping. The two-piece cemented Z5c implant is a self-tapping tissue level implant.

Z5m - One-piece implant for nearly all indications. One-piece Z5m implants are suitable for nearly all indications in the upper and lower jaw for functional and aesthetic oral rehabilitation.

Z5m(t) – For primary stability with active thread – specifically designed to provide maximum primary stability for class D3/D4 and immediate implant placement after tooth loss.

The Zirkolith Process and SLM Surface

Strong implants and a tissue friendly hydrophilic surface

  • The manufacturing process determines the breaking strength of a dental implant.  Zirkolith ® ceramic implants are compacted and reworked in several steps.
  • The SLM® surface developed and patented by Z-SYSTEMS uses laser technology to increase the surface area through increased macro and micro roughness. This leads to an improved osseointegration.  Zirkolith® ceramic implants have a success rate of over 98%, comparable to leading titanium implants.
  • Gentle plasma-sterilization gentle treatment of Zirkolith® implants.
  • Zirkolith® ceramic implants can be prepped in the mouth just like natural teeth.
Ceramic Dental Implants Continuing Education

Ceramic Dental Implant Continuing Education

Advancing Ceramic Implant Education Series

  • Live Surgery Hands-On Placing Zirconia Implants
  • Proven Solutions with Ceramic Implants
  • Case planning for immediate implantation with immediate restoration
  • Introduction to esthetic and biological dentistry
  • Thinking in ceramics: the special properties of zirconium oxide
  • Product overview: which implants for each case?
  • Biocompatibility of Zirconia and the Esthetic Benefits
  • Dealing with complications
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Marketing Your Dental Implant Practice

The Ceramic Implant Expert Program

We make marketing and growing your dental implant practice easy by giving you the tools to reach more potential patients and referrals.


Be part of the program that has elevated so many zirconia implant practices to success. is the premier patient facing website in the dental industry.  This website was developed to help educate prospective patients in your area on the benefits of ceramic implants, the implant process and the financial aspects of implant dentistry and why they should consider the metal-free option for tooth replacement with zirconia dental implants.

Listing on

Let us market for you! is our patient-facing ceramic implant marketing website. We drive patients to this site with our marketing efforts and connect you with potential patients in your local area.  Our "Doctor Finder" allows prospective implant patients to find an expert zirconia implant dentist in their local area.  Let patients find you!

Ceramic Implant Expert Webpage

As a Ceramic Implant Expert, you will receive your own custom, professionally-designed Ceramic Implant Expert web page highlighting you as the local expert on ceramic implant solutions in your area. Your web page will provide interactive patient features, relevant articles that appeal to prospective patients, before and after images, lead forms and much more. You can drive potential patients to your own URL with your own marketing efforts and Z-SYSTEMS will drive them there with its dedicated marketing campaigns.

Provider Promotion

Nothing makes you look more like the expert on ceramic implants than when a respected brand promotes YOU as a top tier clinician.  We direct patients in localized areas to our partners by creating social media posts.  These posts appear weekly on our Facebook page and even link to your personalized webpage.  Social media is where the consumer's attention is at and we want to focus that attention on you!

Video Marketing Package

No marketing platform is more effective than video.  Ceramic Implant Experts will have access to 3D video animations and social media videos, and Z-SYSTEMS will even customize a video just for you with your practice information.  You can put these videos on your practice website, social media channels or use them in your office. 

Content Marketing Tools

Ceramic Implant Experts receive a staff tools to help convert patient leads like scripting and email templates that can be used for internal email marketing campaigns to drive potential implant patients to your web page to sign up for consults. We also offer a syndicated blog for you to share on your social media platforms to provide prospective patients content that is educational and entertaining.