Cost of Ceramic Implants

Dental Implants Cost Less Over Time

The cost of any dental procedure will vary based on your location, materials used and your specific dental needs. No matter the price, one thing is very clear: the lifetime cost of a dental implant is almost always drastically less than a dental bridge.

The average cost of a 3-unit dental bridge is around $3,300 and lasts 7-10 years before needing to be replaced. Compare that to a dental implant, which is slightly more initially at $4,263 on average, but can last a lifetime.[14]

Over the next 30 years, a bridge may need to be replaced 3 or more times. Choosing a traditional 3-unit bridge over a dental implant could cost you three times as much as a dental implant. Investing slightly more for a dental implant up-front could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.[14]

Smile With Satisfaction

Satisfaction ratings from real patients with dental implants to replace a front tooth.[15]


Overall satisfaction with implant


Would recommend to a friend


Appearance of implant when smiling


Ability to chew different foods

Implants Are Made To Last

Do you want a tooth replacement option that lasts for a little while, or one that can last the rest of your life?

Compared to dentures and dental bridges that will need replacement or repairs within a few years, studies show that dental implants can last for 30 or more years.[14]

Dental implants are the clear choice for anyone wanting a great looking smile and less time in the dental chair.