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4 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Dental Implant Practice

4 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Dental Implant Practice
Marketing, in today's competitive marketplace, has become more important than ever for brands and businesses to succeed. Similarly, for dental implant practitioners, it has become imperative to market and promote their dental clinics in order to thrive and survive a cut-throat market. 

As the times have changed so have the marketing and promotional methods. Gone are the days when simple print media ads were enough for the promotion of a dental clinic offering implant services. Marketing dental implants now requires the practitioners to think of out of the box, creative ideas to target their clients. It is necessary for practices wanting to grow their implant business to create a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure their implant services are getting enhanced recognition. 

If you are a dentist who offers dental implant services and are looking to create a marketing plan for your dental clinic, here are 4 effective tips you should follow:

Niche Marketing

The internet has made things easy for people looking for dental implant services. With a simple search using a search engine, they can have plenty of options at their disposal in a matter of a few seconds. This is where niche marketing can help you to become their top choice. This niche marketing of very specific dental implant services like zygomatic implants, full arch immediate load and metal-free, ceramic dental implants.  These are procedures that are very specific to patients and set your services apart from your competitors who are generically marketing just dental implants. 

For example, you can focus on ceramic dental implants in your marketing campaigns, to reach the millions of people looking for more natural dentistry.  In fact, the dental implant market as a whole is growing at an astounding pace, but the zirconia dental implant market and this segment is the fastest growing segment in the implant industry.  It is suitable for people who have declined to get dental implants because they have metal allergies, have had previous failed titanium implants or just like the idea of a more natural implant solution. The idea is to focus on this particular, metal-free, hypoallergenic, and holistic tooth replacement option, and carve your clinic's unique identity. By focusing on this aspect, you can grow your patient base with people who are looking for “organic” or natural metal-free dentistry.   

Patient Testimonials (Videos)

People, generally, dread the idea of getting dental implants as it is a costly process. Furthermore, they are afraid of the painful experience and the time it takes for the procedure to finish. Many practitioners when marketing dental implants focus on these aspects and end up losing their potential patients. This is why it is recommended to highlight positive aspects of the negative aspects of implant dentistry. 

Focus on the end result, i.e. the solution to their problems. Address the benefits of dental implants rather than bringing into light the complexities and complications associated with the implant procedure. This will prove to be helpful for you to gain fruitful results. It will be even better to get your patients to talk about the benefits of implants they have obtained by availing your services. Post these videos on your social media pages, website or other platforms. You will see a noticeable increment in the cases you will get after posting patient testimonials and reviews. These testimonial videos, highlighting the benefits of dental implants, can also be played in your clinic's consultation rooms and waiting rooms for creating a better impact on your patients. 

The best part of this video marketing technique is that it can prove to be quite easy on the budget. It doesn't require a huge investment as you can record videos from your high-resolution smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is to convince a patient, who is satisfied with your services, to do a quick testimonial for you. In fact, studies show most people will do a testimonial when requested, so just ask!  If they are not willing to have a video testimonial recorded, ask them to leave their feedback or review on your social media pages.

Keep the Team Informed and Involved

When it comes to marketing dental implants, it is of utmost importance to keep your team informed and involved in all the aspects. It goes without saying that your team is your most valuable asset; hence, they should be well-informed. It is your team who will be in regular contact with your patients; so, it is inevitable for you to keep them informed about the services you offer, the benefits to the patient and the differentiating factors. This way, they will be able to properly communicate benefits of the services you offer to your patients. 

Apart from that, when devising a marketing plan, make sure you are involving your team. Ask them for their input as they may provide you with more captivating ideas. Furthermore, have a reward program for your team. Those team members who are greatly involved in getting new cases and solving them in an efficient manner, they must be incentivized so that they can work even harder and help increase case acceptance.

Patient Awareness

Lastly, don't forget to keep your patients informed of all the services you offer. For example, all the patients who visit your clinic, should be aware of the fact that you offer implants as well. This can help you to get more cases as patients will start to ask you about implants from seeing a sign in your lobby or video on your website, before you ever mention implants. Many times, patients will refer your services to someone who is need of dental implants by forwarding a video you have created or texting a picture of a before and after picture in your waiting area.

There you have it! Now that you are aware of some easy to implement and effective implant marketing tips, start trying these things out or partner with a company with a ready-made solution and you will soon be getting more implant cases.