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The Dental Implant Industry's Two Biggest Upgrades: Same Day Surgeries and Ceramic Implants

The Dental Implant Industry's Two Biggest Upgrades: Same Day Surgeries and Ceramic Implants
Published Oct 07, 2018

Dental implant seekers have a dream: A quick and easy path to a healthy mouth, with beautiful teeth.

It's always felt like this dream was just out of reach, but advances in the dental implant industry may have just made it a reality. 

These upgrades actually kind of change everything…

Upgrade # 1: Timeframe

The Standard Implant Procedure - Conventional Loading

The standard procedure goes like this: 

On the day of surgery #1, the implants are inserted into the patient’s gum. The surgery site is then stitched up and the patient goes home with temporary teeth for 3-6 months. 

The 3-6 month period between surgeries allows for osseointegration, which is the process of the bone actually binding to the implant.

On the day of surgery #2, the implant is “uncovered” and the final tooth restoration (i.e. the permanent tooth) is attached to the implant. Once healing from that surgery is done, the process is over.

The Upgrade - Immediate Loading

That whole process can now be done within 48 hours.

The entire patient experience has been optimized. Implant design has improved, surgeries are planned in 3D and implant surfaces are better at binding to bone.

In light of these steps forward, experts started wondering about the necessity of the 3-6 month waiting period. Is it possible that osseointegration could happen now without it? 

And it’s looking like the answer is yes.

The success rate for “conventional loading” is 98.8%. And while individual needs will vary and long-term studies are still on the horizon, success rates of “same-day implants” are looking to be virtually the same (which is REALLY GOOD!). 

Less time and fewer doctor visits = huge upgrade.

Upgrade #2: The Implants

The Standard Dental Implant - Titanium 

The standard dental implant is made of a metal called titanium.

It's worked well enough for years, but could definitely stand for some improvement.

Titanium implants are made of dark gray metal which can actually show through thin gums and appear gray. It can also become exposed above your tooth if your gums ever start to recede. Yikes.

Titanium also, like any other metal, decays. Metal particles from the implant are steadily released into your bloodstream, causing your immune system to constantly be on the attack, which can lead to autoimmune disease.

Those with metal sensitivities or worse yet, metal allergies, are even more susceptible to health issues from this constant level of metal in their bloodstreams.

On top of that, metal produces electricity and heat. This consistent electrical current in your mouth can lead to neurological problems, digestive disorders, heart issues, and other chronic symptoms.

The Upgrade - Ceramic Implants

As we’ve become more aware of the negative effect metal has on our bodies, concern throughout the dental industry has grown. There’s been a push from dentists and patients alike for the development of safer, metal-free options.

A metal-free ceramic called Zirconia began to be used in place of metal fillings, but when it came to dental implants there were still questions... Would it look as good? Would it be as functional? Would the success rate remain as high?

Well, now we know that the answer is yes and yes and yes! - Making ceramic implants a MASSIVE upgrade.

These implants are an all-white ceramic material, which means they’ll always look completely natural. (i.e. no gray gums and no exposed metal!)

They’re non-corrosive, so they won’t decay or release any particles into your bloodstream, meaning your immune system can relax.

They’re metal-free, so they produce no heat or electricity, meaning no electric current in your mouth.

They’re hypoallergenic and contain no metal whatsoever, so those with metal sensitivities or allergies can safely wear them.

Healthier AND better looking = huge upgrade

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