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Giving the gift of a smile for Christmas

Giving the gift of a smile for Christmas
Published Dec 01, 2020

A strong and beautiful smile is, nowadays, a crucial part of social and personal image. Besides, your oral health has a huge impact on your general appearance and your confidence. Therefore, it is not a surprise that dental problems like decay, tooth loss, gum disease, or any other oral condition can affect your quality of life and your daily tasks. 


In current society, beauty has become a standard for normality. Each year, more cosmetic treatment alternatives for dental problems are taking the lead in the world. Along with new materials, protocols, and technologies, cosmetic treatments are more accessible now than ever, capable to treat the problems while achieving great results. 


Now that Christmas time is starting and a bunch of meetings and photos are taking place, having a beautiful smile is almost essential in the family. 


The problem with having bad teeth


In addition to the obvious consequences that dental problems can have in your life, there are other less-known complications. Having crooked, broken, or missing teeth can produce a multitude of harmful effects on your general and psychological health as well.


On one hand, teeth have a tremendous impact on self-esteem and confidence. Different studies show that people with better and healthier teeth are more likely to be socially active. Furthermore, problems in oral health are tightly related to stress, anxiety, depression, and distress. 


On the other hand, dental problems can affect your nutrition as well, especially if you have various teeth missing. Mispositioned teeth and malocclusion problems can occur due to tooth loss if this problem remains untreated, jeopardizing your ability to eat hard or crunchy food. Moreover, as one tooth is lost, the remaining pieces and the bone changes to compensate for the gap, creating other problems and making the final solutions far more complex. 


What's the solution?


Fortunately, contemporary dentistry has multiple solutions and treatment alternatives for your dental problems. From the mildest problems to complicated situations, there are different solutions that your dentist can offer you. 


Years before, replacing a missing tooth was possible only with crowns or removable prostheses. And, although these treatments have been useful for decades, and are still in use these days, the arrival of dental implants has placed the expectations too high. 


The reason for the enormous success of modern implantology, and Ceramic Dental Implants, in particular, is that they are a safe, efficient, and highly aesthetical prosthesis alternative. They do not only restore both the root and the crown of the lost tooth but also behave just like a natural one. Better, they provide the most natural esthetical profile from all the available alternatives.


Placing these devices requires thoughtful preparation and a careful study of the case. However, with proper management, they are the most successful treatment in dentistry, with a rate above 90% of success. 


Now, at this stage, you must know that neglecting dental treatment is no good for no one's health. But you must know that a better smile can change your life for the best, enhancing your general health and making you better looking, younger, and more confident. 


Wait no longer! Giving away a beautiful smile is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family this Christmas.

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