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Financing Costly Dental Procedures

Financing Costly Dental Procedures
Published Mar 01, 2020

Does the thought of costly dental procedures send shivers down your spine? Do you avoid the dentist just because you know that you can’t afford the work you need? Do you have missing or loose teeth and yet just deal with it because affording dental implants is near impossible for you?

What if there were options? What if financing dental implants or other costly dental procedures was a possibility even without your credit card?

The good news is that there are options and they’re open to many people, not just those with great credit. Check them out below.

Your Options for Financing Dental Implants

You have several options when financing dental implants or any other expensive dental procedure:

-         Dental credit cards – Unlike the Visa in your wallet, dental credit cards are only for dental procedures. You may find cards that have 0% APR if you spend enough or those that have longer terms, making it easier to pay the balance off affordably. Two popular dental credit card companies are CareCredit and MedKey.

-         Dental loans – Companies like Greensky and ProceedFinance provide dental loans that help finance dental implants or other expensive dental procedures. Each company provides different APRs, terms, and conditions. Make sure to read the fine print carefully.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Credit Cards


-         You may be able to get 0% financing, allowing you to borrow money without paying any interest.

-         You spread the cost of the dental procedures out over a longer-term, making it easier to afford small, monthly payments.

-         You can get approved quickly without a lot of downtime.


-         Dental credit cards require a credit check. You’ll need at least an average credit score to qualify.

-         You can only use the credit card at the dentist's office for dental procedures.

-         You may end up paying deferred interest if you don’t pay the balance off in full before the introductory period ends.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Loans


-         The application process is simple.

-         You can choose from a variety of terms.

-         Many dental loan companies even accept borrowers with bad credit.


-         Not all procedures are covered; make sure you ask about your specific procedure.

-         There’s typically not promotional financing available.

-         You may only use the funds once.

If you need help financing dental implants or any other expensive dental procedure, look at your options. Whether you take out a dental credit card or a dental loan, you can have access to funds to pay for your procedures. It’s no longer necessary to go with missing teeth or avoid a dental procedure just because of the cost. These financing methods are affordable and effective and better yet, most dental providers accept them.

Before you choose your financing method, talk with your dentist to make sure they accept your chosen method. If they don’t, they may have other options available to you and they may even have applications for you right in their office. 

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