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5 Situations Where Zirconia Implants Are Better Than Titanium

5 Situations Where Zirconia Implants Are Better Than Titanium
Published May 01, 2021

Thinking about getting dental implants? You're not alone. There are over 3 million people in the US with one or more dental implants and that number is growing by 500,000 each year.  

Even if you've only done a little research, it's probably become clear quickly that they're by far the best option to replace missing or failing teeth.  

But now that you've made that decision, there's still another decision to make. Do you go with the traditional implant made of titanium or the new (supposed to be better) implant made of ceramic?

Well if you're looking for answers you've come to the right place. Here are the 5 times you should choose ceramic dental implants over titanium dental implants.  

#1. Your Dental Implant Will Be Front And Center

If you're replacing a tooth that's easily seen when you smile, ceramic is your best bet.

Gums are more translucent than we realize and because titanium implants are dark gray, the implant can show through your gums. On top of that, if your gums ever recede, the metal can become exposed just above your tooth.

Ceramic implants are white, so they'll always look like a natural tooth.  

#2. You Want A Dental Implant Fast

Traditional implant surgery is done in 2 stages.  

During your first surgery, your implant is placed, then you go home to heal for 3-6 months before you can come in and have your SECOND surgery where your crown is placed.

Ceramic dental implants are built strictly for one-stage surgeries. That means they're an immediate tooth replacement option and perfect for anyone who's on a timeline and needs it done!

#3: Your Favorite Foods Are Hard-To-Chew

Titanium and Zirconia (ceramic) are both strong, durable materials.  

When it comes to dental implants though, you want to look at a specific kind of strength and that's compressive strength.  

Compressive strength is a material's ability to be compacted or its ability to handle load (i.e. its ability to withstand all of the chewing we do).

When looking at compressive strength, zirconia (ceramic) is more than twice as strong as titanium.

So that means that if you love hard tacos or toasted bagels or apples or any other hard-to-chew foods, definitely go with the stronger option (ceramic).  

#4: You're Sensitive Or Allergic To Metal

This one's a little tricky because it can be tough to know if you have a metal allergy or sensitivity.

Metal hypersensitivity affects 10-15% of the population.

Some of the easier-to-spot symptoms are rashes, swelling or pain, while some harder to pinpoint signs are more chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Ceramic implants are much more natural, consisting of only Zirconia and Oxygen. They're even put in the hypoallergenic category by holistic dentists.  

So if you think there's a chance you're sensitive to metal (or if you're like me and allergic to EVERYTHING), go for ceramic implants over titanium. 

#5: You Want A Dental Implant To Last A Life-Time

To be honest, considering the long-run isn't always my strong suit. If you're looking for something to appease the now, I've been there (heck, that's where I usually live).  

But with something as important as your teeth, doing your homework before acting can have a serious impact on your future.

Some experts warn that among those wearing titanium implants, we're going to see an epidemic of peri-implantitis here in the next few years. Read more about peri-implantitis here.

And that's because a Titanium implant, just like any other metal, will corrode with time. This corrosion promotes bacteria, causes inflammation, and can cause peri-implantitis and implant failure.   

Zirconia (ceramic) implants are completely metal-free and will never corrode.

So if you're thinking you want this implant to stay long-term, choosing ceramic will be your best bet.

If you fall into any of these 5 camps, find your local ceramic dental implant specialist and schedule your free consultation today! 

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